The Vows

Hi all,

so it’s been a while since I posted on here on behalf of myself or my wife. I have to say that being married is a full time career. But one that I stand by and will honor until my dying breath.

Recently my wife and I had quite the fall out, in which it ended up that we were forcefully separated by police.

I have to say it has been one of the hardest things in my life. being away from my wife. no matter what happened. but it has gotten me to think. how many of us that are married stop to think what did I say on that fateful day I said I do.

Now let me take it one step further how many of us think about those vows when we are fighting without spouse… or when as in my case legally required to abstain from speaking to them.

well here is what comes to my mind. on that fateful day I said that I would love and care for her in SICKNESS and in Health…. for BETTER or for WORSE. I essentially promised (Vowed) that for the rest of my life… she would be the only one that would lighten up my sky… she would be the one I would forgive and the one that I would love and cherish until my dying breath. So next time that you come across a feeling of…. maybe it’s just easier to move on. Remember….┬áthose words you said.

and that word wasn’t just to that person but it was in front of God. I’m positive my wife and I make it thru this, and we will be stronger than ever.

I will be posting more as this develops to encourage others out there that there is always home when God is the centre of your marriage. Even in the throws of darkness you can come out on top. to my lovely Wife… Hang in ┬áthere we will make it thru this.ring

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