Our Big Adventure – Part 1

Hi All,

So this is supposed to be my wife’s project…. writing about marriage and stuff of the sorts. Seeing as how she hasn’t written on it as of yet. I thought I’d hijack it and be the first one to write on this blog.

So here it Goes!

we were married 08.15.15 and from the get go it wasn’t your typical wedding. for starters we didn’t wait over a year for the wedding date… it was almost 2 months to the date of the engagement. 2nd of all I didn’t buy an engagement ring. for any girls out there reading this close your mouths it shouldn’t be shocking :).

the reason I chose not to go that route is because a ring really wasn’t something that to me meant special. unless any of you didn’t know diamonds aren’t rare… and because my wife (at the time girlfriend/fiance) was the most important and special person to me how could I do what everyone else does.

so going forward… I’m looking to writing a little bit about my marriage adventure and what brought me here.